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About Us

Cool t.shirts & bags brought to you by Sydney Cycle Chic to honour Sydney's emergence as a New Bike City.

Part of the global Cycle Chic™ network, we are also the official home of Cycle Chic Sundays Sydney and Cycle Chic Kids.

The ibike t.shirts that started in London have spread their bike love around the world....

We won't be stopping at t.shirts either. More products are on the way so make sure you like the facebook page and follow us on twitter to keep up to date with what we're doing.

We bike SYD and now you can too!!!

Green Chic
means we give a damn about our our planet.

We design, source and produce our products as ethically and sustainably as possible.
Our tshirts and bags are from EarthPositive® Apparel - 100% Organic, Ethical, Fair Trade, Low Carbon, Justice for Workers, Progressive Ethical Clothing.
• 100% Organic 90% Reduced CO2
• Reduced carbon footprint of its products by 90%
• EarthPositive® is GMO-free
• Powered by green renewable energy
• Ethical Manufacturing
• Justice for Workers, no sweatshops

We use minimal packaging that is entirely recyclable.

We even have carbon neutral delivery options.
Our products are stamped with the Green Chic seal of approval because....

if it's not green it's not chic baby.